Designing an investment portfolio

20 September 2017 | Portfolio construction


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Tom Hobbs: What are your goals in life? A nice home? A good education for your children? Perhaps it's to own your own business. Or maybe it's a comfortable retirement.

Whatever your goal, you've probably wondered how to pay for it. You might want to put aside a sum every month. You may have come into a lump sum and want to make the best of it.

My name is Tom Hobbs. I work at Vanguard.

Vanguard's research shows that designing an investment portfolio is one of the most valuable services a financial adviser can perform for you. If you're serious about doing something with your money, you will most likely need to invest it.

But where should you invest? How? In what?

We need to balance our investments. We need to diversify. But how do we do it?

For some people, it might be quite simple. Monthly payments into a low-cost, multi-asset fund. For others, there are all kinds of complex considerations – tax liabilities, foreign currency requirements, inheritance, charitable donations or maybe the need for a regular income.

Your financial adviser can help you to build the investment plan that's right for you. They'll take account of your family life, your aspirations, your wider financial situation, your capacity to put your savings at risk, or your need for income or your need to grow your capital to meet your life goals.

Your adviser will match up your circumstances with an investment portfolio that has the best chance of helping you to achieve your goals – whatever they might be – a home, education or support in later life.

The more you can work together with your adviser, the more you can share information in an open and honest way, the better your adviser can help with your plan. And the better the plan, the more likely you are to succeed.

Thank you for watching.

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