Rising to the sustainability challenge

Vanguard has been offering multi-asset solutions in conjunction with Wellington since 1975 and today manages more than £1 trillion1 for multi-asset investors around the world. SustainableLife funds of this range are designed for investors who prefer active management and want to prioritise sustainability.


Source: Vanguard. Data as at 30 June 2023.

Why SustainableLife?


Incorporates sustainability criteria, including a net zero commitment, helping to build a long-term competitive advantage that delivers sustainable returns.


Provides an actively managed all-in-one portfolio of equities and bonds that is highly diversified across geographies, sectors and investment styles.

Proven expertise

Vanguard and Wellington have a long history in multi-asset investing. Wellington's expertise in multi-asset investing dates back to 1929.


The Ongoing Charges Figure of the SustainableLife range is 0.48%2, which is significantly below the 1.1% average expense ratio of the Investment Association peer group3, meaning that sustainability and active management don't have to cost more.

2 Source: Vanguard. The Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) covers the fund manager’s costs of managing the fund. It does not include dealing costs or additional costs such as audit fees. The ongoing charges figure/total expense ratio (OCF/TER) covers administration, audit, depository, legal, registration and regulatory expenses incurred in respect of the funds.

3 Source: Morningstar, as at 7 November 2023, peer group: IA Sector = Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares.

Active engagement

Wellington and its fund managers have a long history of actively engaging with the companies they invest in on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) matters. Additionally, they use portfolio screening techniques to avoid companies that may have a negative impact on society or the environment, and they integrate ESG considerations into their research to ensure they allocate capital wisely.

Net zero commitment

The managers have set a 2050 net zero target aligned to the Paris Agreement.

ESG risk avoidance

The fund managers implement a set of clear exclusions.

Engagement with portfolio companies

The fund managers engage with company management on ESG matters and promote net zero targets.

Good governance assessment

The companies in which the fund invests must follow good governance practices as a precondition for investment.

Funds update

SustainableLife - Latest quarterly update

Our quarterly in-depth commentary and report on the performance and perspectives that affect the SustainableLife funds.

Funds update

A choice of three funds

There are three SustainableLife funds to choose from. Each is designed to broadly meet a set risk-return profile, providing advisers with a straightforward default portfolio solution, or a core investment around which to build fine-tuned, bespoke portfolios for their clients.


SustainableLife 40-50% Equity Fund

An asset mix around the 45% equities and 55% fixed income mark, with -+5% flexibility. For investors with less tolerance to risk.

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SustainableLife 60-70% Equity Fund

An asset mix around the 65% equities and 35% fixed income mark, with -+5% flexibility. For investors with moderate tolerance to risk.

See fund details

SustainableLife 80-90% Equity Fund

An asset mix around the 85% equities and 15% fixed income mark, with -+5% flexibility. For investors with a higher tolerance to risk.

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Vanguard multi-asset solutions

Vanguard multi-asset solutions

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Important risk information

Investment risk information

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Investments in smaller companies may be more volatile than investments in well-established blue chip companies.

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The fund may use derivatives in order to reduce risk or cost and/or generate extra income or growth. The use of derivatives could increase or reduce exposure to underlying assets and result in greater fluctuations of the Fund’s net asset value. A derivative is a financial contract whose value is based on the value of a financial asset (such as a share, bond, or currency) or a market index.

Some funds invest in securities which are denominated in different currencies. Movements in currency exchange rates can affect the return of investments.

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