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    Vanguard 365 offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain CPD hours in four areas:

    - Practice management

    - Client relationships

    - Financial planning

    - Investment knowledge

    There are several sections within each pillar, each containing a series of 30 minute modules that provide structured CPD time.

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    Each module is made up of bite-sized articles and videos about a topic. You can go through all of these at your own pace.

  • Test your knowledge with the quiz and earn structured CPD

    When you have read all the materials in a module, you can then take a multiple-choice quiz. To earn the CPD time, you must get all answers correct, but you can try as many times as you want.

  • Track the CPD you have earned

    All the CPD gained through the modules can be tracked on the CPD dashboard in “My account”. In the dashboard, you can also download certificates for the activities completed and a spreadsheet with all your activities to make CPD recording easier.

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    You can also earn CPD by signing up for upcoming webinars or watching our library of past webinars.

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The methodology and contents of the modules and quizzes have been created in order to comply with the requirements of a third-party CPD provider. We recommend however that you review your own professional CPD requirements to ensure that the contents of the modules and quizzes are suitable for your individual needs. The information contained in the modules and quizzes are for educational purposes only.

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