Why MPS at Vanguard? 

Our Model Portfolio Solutions (MPS) combine all the features of Vanguard’s top-selling multi-asset funds within the model portfolio format, giving advisers more ways to deliver value through low-cost, ready-made portfolio solutions:

Low Cost

Professionally-managed all-in-one model portfolios for a competitive total cost1 of 0.21%-0.32%.

Vanguard expertise

Model portfolios from a global leader in multi-asset investing with £1 trillion in multi asset products.2 

Rebalancing Discipline

Regularly rebalanced portfolios remain aligned with clients’ risk and investment objectives. 


Diversified exposure to global equities and high-quality fixed income assets using Vanguard’s low-cost flagship index funds.

MPS options designed for advisers

More time back

Free up more time to focus on your clients and your business – and leave the rest to us.

More peace of mind

All-in-one, risk-mapped model portfolios with broad diversification across global markets built in.

More value to clients

Low maintenance, low fees and consistent performance3 can drive more value for your clients.

Clarity for clients, simplicity for you

LifeStrategy® model portfolios combine Vanguard’s expertise in global strategic asset allocation with the discipline and cost advantages of indexing and periodic rebalancing. 

Each LifeStrategy model portfolio maintains a fixed allocation to equities alongside a portfolio of high-quality, diversified fixed income assets so investors know exactly what they are holding. The range is available in five different target equity-to-debt ratios ranging from 20% to 100% equities to make it easier for advisers to serve a wide range of investors.


Five different risk and return profiles 

Five different risk and return profiles chart

 Choosing your LifeStrategy model portfolios

Vanguard LifeStrategy MPS Classic

For investors with a preference for their home market, the LifeStrategy® MPS Classic portfolios feature a fixed weighting towards UK assets in their equity (25%) and fixed income (35%) components, with the remainder invested in a global market cap-weighted portfolio. 

Vanguard LifeStrategy MPS Global

 LifeStrategy® MPS Global portfolios utilises a global market cap-weighted allocation bringing exposure to the total investible market, without a fixed weighting to UK assets.

LifeStrategy MPS Classic and Global sub-asset allocations

mps chart portfolios

Source: Vanguard as of 31 March 2023

Product  Details

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Lifestrategy Model Portfolio Solutions at Vanguard

Designed with financial advisers in mind, our Model Portfolio Solutions (MPS) provide straightforward all-in-one portfolios for you and your clients.

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Risk ratings

1 Total Cost = Ongoing charges figure (OCF) of the underlying products and  the annual cost of managing the model portfolio. Source: Vanguard as at 31 March 2023

2 Source Vanguard as at 30 November 2022

3 Source: Vanguard Assessment of Value Report. Morningstar. Performance of UK-domiciled value funds relative to Morningstar peer group, including UK, Luxembourg and Ireland-dominated multi-factor (MF) funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) (all share classes). Does not include funds that were launched after 30 September 2019. Data between 1/10/2015 and 30/09/2020

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