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  • July 2021
  • 36 minutes

How LifeStrategy delivers value to advisers

As the LifeStrategy Funds celebrate their 10th anniversary, we explore the ways in which the range has delivered value to advisers. In particular, we look at how advisers have taken advantage of the peace of mind that LifeStrategy Funds afford them to focus on building stronger client relationships and adding value to their business proposition.

Georgina Yarwood
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  • July 2021
  • 37 minutes

Vanguard quarterly investment outlook

After more than a year of economic turbulence inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic, inflationary pressures and rising interest rate expectations represent important considerations for investors. How will policymakers react? What are the implications for UK-based investors? Join our economic experts as they review the latest macro data and consider the possible consequences for investment markets.

Dr Peter Westaway | Edoardo Cilla
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  • June 2021
  • 32 minutes

Why the LifeStrategy model is here to stay

The traditional multi-asset portfolio of equities and bonds is under scrutiny, with some investors sacrificing their fixed income holdings, owing to the low yield and rising interest rate environment. Find out why Vanguard believes in keeping multi-asset portfolios straightforward, evidenced by our LifeStrategy range, which continues to offer effective all-in-one solutions for many investors.

Lucas Baynes | Mohneet Dhir
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The case for low-cost index-fund investing

We examine how indexing performs in a variety of circumstances, including diverse time periods and market cycles, and we provide investors with points to consider when evaluating different investment strategies.

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Adviser’s Alpha: Putting a value on your value

Vanguard's Adviser's Alpha identifies the seven critical benefits that advisers offer clients and attributes to each a quantitative value.

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Assessing the value of advice

In our recent study "Assessing the value of advice", we observed the effects of professional advice on a large number of clients with comparable experience.

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