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Jumana Saleheen, Shaan Raithatha and Jan-Carl Plagge
Jumana Saleheen, Shaan Raithatha and Jan-Carl Plagge
  • 14 December
  • 10:00am GMT / 11:00am CET
  • 45 MINUTES

Vanguard economic and market outlook for 2024

Join our 2024 economic and market outlook webinar in which our top economists will discuss the latest expectations for global growth, inflation and recession risks, as well as our updated 10-year asset return forecasts. 

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  • 23/11/23
  • 45 Minutes

ESG ratings and investment returns: is there a connection?

In this webinar, Dr. Jan-Carl Plagge, Head of ESG Research, Vanguard Europe, joins moderator Fabian Behnke, Head of Strategic Accounts Germany, Vanguard Europe, to explore the implications of considering E, S and G ratings on risk and return.

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  • 03/10/23
  • 4th - 6th October 2023

Vanguard Fixed Income Forum 2023

Join our top bond experts and economists across the globe in an online event series as they share their latest thoughts and forward thinking on the economy, markets and managing fixed income portfolios in uncertain times.

Four thematic webinars
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  • 23/02/23
  • 30 minutes

Coaching clients through the economic cycle

With our economists expecting an economic downturn – albeit mild – in 2023, how can advisers coach their clients through an uncertain environment? How do markets tend to react to the probability of recession and what is the typical behaviour of equities and bonds through the economic cycle? Our expert insights will help you frame your conversations with clients in the year ahead.

Giulio Renzi Ricci, Tania Allerton
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  • 09/02/23
  • 45 minutes

How ESG index construction can impact investment outcomes

In this webinar, Viktor Nossek, head of Investment and Product Analytics, Vanguard Europe, and Joao Saraiva, senior investment analyst, Investment and Product Analytics, Vanguard Europe, join moderator Fabian Behnke, Business Development Sales Manager, Vanguard Europe, to examine how ESG index construction can impact investment outcomes.

Viktor Nossek, Joao Saraiva
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  • 19/10/22
  • 30 MINUTES

Which factors drive ESG fund performance?

Join Dr Jan-Carl Plagge, head of ESG research, Vanguard, and moderator Fabian Behnke, senior sales executive for Germany, Vanguard, as they examine the drivers of performance of ESG equity index funds and the implications for ESG investment decision making.

Dr Jan-Carl Plagge
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  • 13/07/22
  • 45 MINUTES

Vanguard Economic and market outlook: mid-year update

Watch our 2022 mid-year economic and market outlook webinar on demand and hear from Vanguard’s top economists on the outlook for growth, inflation and investment markets, including our updated 10-year multi-asset return forecasts.

Jumana Saleheen, Shaan Raithatha
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  • 17/03/22
  • 2 HOURS

VANGUARD FIXED INCOME FORUM 2022: Stability amid the volatility

Economic responses to the tragic events in Ukraine have added a new dimension of risk to fixed income markets while they were already digesting normalising monetary policy and rising inflation. At our recent event, our Vanguard experts and special guests discussed what the implications could be for fixed income assets.