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When a virus brings the world to a standstill, how do you continue to deliver value to investors? Through a series of live CPD-accredited webinars, in-depth articles, and regularly updated commentary, our expert panel will be at your side to guide you through the crisis.

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Demystifying credit

23 July: 10:00am

In a world of negative yields, should investors consider credit as an asset class to support stability in a portfolio while providing a reasonable level of income?

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Understanding ESG essentials - 6 August

Is ESG just another passing buzzword or a change in long-term attitudes? From key definitions to looming regulation, what do you need to know?



LifeStrategy: Key portfolio dynamics - 9 July

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Vanguard Quarterly Investment Outlook - 25 June

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Sustaining spending through a bear market - 11 June

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How to manage your portfolio out of the crisis - 28 May

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Active or index: Performance in bull and bear markets - 14 May

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A long view on active - 30 April

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When to rebalance and why? - 23 April

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Vanguard Global Balanced Fund: the long view - 16 April

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Bond market resilience - 9 April

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Adviser’s Alpha: keeping clients on course - 2 April

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LifeStrategy in times of crisis - 26 March

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Recent articles

Delve deeper with more thoughts from our Vanguard experts. Below you will find some of our latest articles. Or you can go to the research and commentary section for more

For your clients

Portfolio rebalancing

The value of periodic portfolio rebalancing is well known to advisers, yet clients often resist.

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Behavioural coaching - conversation aids

In times of crisis, or in times of confidence, use our market charts to help clients make better decisions.

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What history tells us about bear markets

Vanguard Chief Investment Officer Greg Davis shares his thoughts on protecting your portfolio in a market downturn.

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