Equities, bonds and cash have different return characteristics. Use the sliders below the chart to show how changing your mix of investments affects performance. Hover over each bar to see the discrete annual performance for the asset mix selected. Read more about maintaining balance in your portfolio.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

This chart shows the simulated past performance of the asset mix and time frame chosen on the sliding scales above. This is based on the actual past performance of indices representing each asset. Indices used UK Equities – FTSE UK All-Share Total Return Index (1985 - 2015), UK Bonds – FTSE British Govt. Fixed All Stocks Total Return Index (1985 - 2015) and BarCap Sterling Aggregate Total Return Index (1985 - 2015), Cash – LIBOR 3-month average over the year. The basis of performance is nav-to-nav with gross income reinvested. These indices do not reflect a particular investment and exclude the cost associated with making an investment. Source: Thomson Datastream. Data period 01/01/85 - 31/12/15