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Each episode features a themed discussion and detailed analysis relevant to professional investors navigating the financial markets.

Robyn Laidlaw, Paul Jakubowski
Robyn Laidlaw, Paul Jakubowski
  • 09 February
  • 09:00am
  • Webinar

Vanguard Fixed Income Forum

The fixed income landscape has undergone seismic shifts in recent months. As markets continue to grapple with the impact of Covid-19, bond investors face a daunting set of new challenges: sombre economic outlooks; vastly expanded QE programmes; the prospect of low or negative interest rates for decades to come.

But what are the implications of this new era for fixed income assets? Where are the opportunities and risks in bond markets as investors plot their path through these difficult times?

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  • December 2020
  • 46 minutes

Vanguard economic and market outlook 2021

What is the outlook for the global economy and financial markets in 2021? Vanguard economists Dr Peter Westaway and Shaan Raithatha share their forecasts, discuss the crucial issues facing investors.

Shaan Raithatha | Dr. Peter Westaway
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  • November 2020
  • 31 minutes

Emerging market debt: a new core in global bond portfolios?

With developed markets increasingly reliant on fiscal and monetary stimulus to support sluggish growth, and yields suppressed as a result, what does this mean for the role of emerging market debt?

Joao Saraiva | Kunal Mehta
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  • October 2020
  • 32 minutes

Evaluating ESG ratings and methodologies

Find out how you differentiate between the various ESG methodologies and company ratings available, and what your choices mean for your investors.

Mark Fitzgerald | Jan-Carl Plagge
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