Target Retirement 2035 Fund - GBP Acc (VAR35GA)

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Fund objectives

  • The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve an increase in value and, consistent with a gradually changing asset allocation, hold investments that will pay out money for investors planning to retire in or within approximately five years after 2035. The Fund’s asset allocation will become more conservative as 2035 is approached and passed, moving from higher risk (such as shares) to mainly lower risk (such as bonds) investments.
  • The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing more than 90% of its assets in passive funds that track an index, which are managed or operated by the ACD or its associates (“Associated Schemes”). Direct investments (in transferable securities such as shares, bonds and other similar fixed income investments) may also be made.
  • The Fund is actively managed in that the Investment Adviser has discretion in respect of the Associated Schemes in which the Fund may invest and the allocations to them, each of which may change over time. The Investment Adviser manages the Fund through the pre-determined periodic rebalancing of its exposure to shares and bonds (and other similar fixed income investments), as detailed above.
  • The Fund attempts to remain fully invested and hold small amounts of cash except in extraordinary market, political or similar conditions where the Fund may temporarily depart from this investment policy.

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17 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
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Vanguard Global Advisers, LLC
Europe Equity Index Team

The value of investments, and the income from them, may fall or rise and investors may get back less than they invested.


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Growth of 10,000

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Portfolio data

Allocation to underlying Vanguard funds

As at 30 Jun 2022

Global Bond Index Fund GBP Hedged Acc 19.33%
FTSE Developed World ex-U.K. Equity Index Fund GBP Acc 18.97%
U.S. Equity Index Fund GBP Acc 14.50%
FTSE U.K. All Share Index Unit Trust GBP Acc 12.42%
Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund GBP Acc 5.74%
U.K. Government Bond Index Fund GBP Acc 5.68%
FTSE North America UCITS ETF 4.81%
FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (GBP) Accumulating 4.37%
U.K. Investment Grade Bond Index Fund GBP Acc 3.91%
FTSE Developed Europe ex-U.K. Equity Index Fund GBP Acc 3.81%
Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF GBP Hedged Accumulating 3.24%
Japan Stock Index Fund GBP Acc 2.10%
Pacific ex-Japan Stock Index Fund GBP Acc 1.12%

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Asset allocation

As at 30 Jun 2022

Bond 32.10%
Short-term reserves 0.18%
Stock 67.72%

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At closure 12 Aug 2022
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At closure 12 Aug 2022
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At closure 12 Aug 2022
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At closure 12 Aug 2022

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Inception date

17 Dec 2015

Date NAV (GBP)
12 Aug 2022 £173.5864
11 Aug 2022 £171.6226
10 Aug 2022 £171.5898
09 Aug 2022 £170.9398
08 Aug 2022 £171.4165
05 Aug 2022 £171.2556
04 Aug 2022 £171.6378
03 Aug 2022 £170.9763
02 Aug 2022 £169.4848
01 Aug 2022 £170.0266

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Historical performance 31 Jul 2022


All dividends are reinvested for the "Accumulation" shares.

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Base currency: GBP

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  • Bloomberg: VAR35GA
  • ISIN: GB00BZ6VJH11

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