Vanguard’s active funds aim to provide stability, experience and a focus on long-term, low-cost investing.

This was true when we launched in 1975 with 11 active funds. And it remains true today with more than £638 billion in active funds under management globally*. These attributes have played a consistent role in our long history of active investing and are evident in our new UK funds. The funds are a careful blend of the best-available external and internal investment managers – all at a low cost.

*As at 31 March 2016

Vanguard’s approach to active

To deliver funds likely to succeed in the long term, we focus on the three most critical factors: Talent, Cost and Patience. Our product review process is led by our CEO, with funds typically comprising a careful blend of a small number of the best available fund managers. We believe our global track record in managing active funds proves the value of our approach.


Carefully select managers with a proven process and demonstrable ability.


Don't let high fees destroy fund performance


Accept that there will be periods of underperformance

Vanguard Global Equity Fund

Our blend of two globally renowned managers, one growth and one value, aims to benefit from the broad opportunity set in global equities.

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Vanguard Global Emerging Markets Fund

Three traditional, bottom-up active managers, each with a complementary style, are blended together to deliver long-term capital growth in a core emerging markets fund.

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Vanguard Global Equity Income Fund

Two complementary managers, one traditional bottom-up and one quantitative, aim to deliver a core equity income fund. The managers will target higher yielding shares while maintaining capital growth.

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Vanguard Global Balanced Fund

An established global fund manager aims to deliver income with capital growth through a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks and investment-grade bonds.

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 Our enduring approach to selecting active managers
We believe in searching the globe to find the best fund managers. We think our CEO-led selection, oversight and retention process is set to the highest standard.

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The value of investments, and the income from them, may fall or rise and investors may get back less than they invested.

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 Our approach to active investing
Stability, experience and focus on long-term, low-cost investing are the key attributes of active management at Vanguard