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The value of investments, and the income from them, may fall or rise and investors may get back less than they invested.

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I’ve spent 30 years in UK financial services and my focus and passion is about helping you get a better deal when you invest.

My strong belief is that whether you’re a first time saver or an experienced investor, you should have the benefit of high quality, low cost investments and thoughtful investing insights – and that’s why we’re here; to take a stand for you, to treat you fairly and to give you the best chance of investment success.

Mixing active and passive investment strategies requires a decision process that is structured, defendable and repeatable.

Most of us blend active and passive funds in our portfolios. It makes sense. But how many of us make the choice through a process that is truly robust?

Vanguard’s newly developed framework for successfully blending active and passive investments provides a process for determining the right blend for your clients.

Ask about our workshops or get in touch to learn more. .