Later that day... (Version one)

Later that day... (Version two)



Thomas: Do you want to tell me what that was about?

Deborah: Maybe I don't want to retire yet...

Thomas: Really? And is this something you've only just realised?

Deborah: Yes. I think it is.

Thomas: And? That’s it then?

Deborah: Some people like their jobs. I love working at the gallery, working with the artists, meeting new people, it's exciting.

Thomas: But you love the garden.

Deborah: I do!

Thomas: But we'd be retired… we could create the garden we've always dreamt of. We'd be …

Deborah: Together? All day? Every day?

Thomas: Yes.

Deborah: That’s not what I want.

Thomas: You don't want…

Deborah: I love you and I love the garden. But not all day every day.

I think we should change financial advisors.

Thomas: You're serious?

Deborah: Perfectly.