The story so far...

Lisa and Gemma have come for advice on what to do with an inheritance of £200,000. As the interview develops, an intriguing difference emerges …


Marie: Ok, so Lisa you’ve received a lump sum of two-hundred thousand in inheritance and you want to create a joint investment portfolio that you’ll be adding to regularly? Is that right?

Lisa: That’s the plan. I mean – we want invest some of it. I’d like to get a new bike.

Gemma: We had also discussed investing all of it.

Marie: Well a bike isn’t so expensive.

Gemma [To Marie]: You’d be surprised. She already has two bikes. The last one cost ten thousand pounds!

Marie: Oh a motorbike?

Gemma: No, a cycle bike. And the bell was extra. Look I just think we need to invest for the future. It’s not as though we’ll come into such a large sum again. We shouldn’t just spend it.

Lisa: You spend money, too. [To Marie] She just bought an iPad Pro!

Gemma [To Marie]: That was for work. I’m an illustrator. And it’s tax deductible!

Lisa: I cycle to work. [To Marie] That saves money.

Gemma: And the money you’re saving on travel we could be investing.

Lisa: I’m not saving it twice.

Gemma: It’s not just about the saving. What about the compounding?

Lisa: Someone Googled ‘finance’.

Gemma: Yeah. This morning, while you were out cycling.

Marie: Compounding is a great thing. The more you invest now, the more you’re likely to have in years to come.

Gemma: Exactly. And we have a lot of expenses. We both have student loans. We borrowed money from my parents for a deposit…

Marie: Well, ten thousand is not so much to hold back out of two hundred …

Lisa: I was thinking of a bit more than that … I’m thinking we should travel. See the world. We’re young. We’re haven’t got kids yet. [To Marie] Don’t you think?

Marie: You certainly want to enjoy the present as much as save for the future.

Gemma: But if we spend it now, we don’t just lose what we spend. But the future returns too, the compounding… So we should save as much as can now, shouldn’t we?

Marie: It depends on your goals. What you’d both like to achieve….

Lisa: I’d like to achieve a life I can enjoy now.

Gemma: What about when we’re older. We’re not going to enjoy our lives if we have no money.

Lisa: You need to stop living in fear. We have money now. Two-hundred thousand pounds. So let’s enjoy it! Let’s take some decent time off and see the world properly. [To Marie] What if we die tomorrow?

Marie: We can arrange insurance….

Gemma: We’re not going to die tomorrow!

Marie: Well, let’s think about priorities and see if we can find a balance. How much were you thinking of holding back?

Lisa: 100 thousand pounds.