The story so far...

Pam and Roland have laid careful plans for their retirement. But now they face a difficult decision …


Tonya: About this golf home in the Algarve… I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Roland: Can’t we start with the good news?

Pam: Best get it out.

Tonya: I know you’ve had your heart set on having a second home.

Roland: I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy this …

Pam: I think we’d best hear what Tina has to say.

Tonya: The way things stand, you’re going to have to make a choice – have a home here in Britain or have one in the Algarve.

Pam: You mean, we don’t have the funds?

Tonya: I’m afraid not.

Roland: What about our pension pot? Could we dip into that?

Tonya: I really wouldn’t advise that.

Tonya (Cont'd): If you were happy to sell this place, and then buy abroad, the current value is around £600,000. You could have the golf home and a reasonable amount left over.

Roland: Let’s do that! We’ll move to the Algarve.

Pam: We will not move to the Algarve!

Roland: Why ever not?

Pam: Our family are here!

Roland: They can come and visit. It’ll be great for them. The sun, the sea, maybe not the golf, but still...

Pam: You know that’s completely unrealistic Roland.

Pam (Cont'd): Our son Sam and his wife Jill, they have four boys, they own their own company, they really rely on us.

Roland: Come on Pam, they’re not going to stop us from having a bit of fun in our golden years.

Roland now tries to bring Tina into his confidence -

Roland (Cont'd): They’ll probably just be relieved to have us out of the way to be honest. No more interfering.

Pam: I don’t interfere, who said I interfere?

Roland: Look, we’re not spending our retirement babysitting our grandchildren. We raised our kids, we’ve changed enough nappies. We’re not raising four more.

Pam: I happen to like spending time with our grandchildren.

Roland: So do I, but I also like playing golf.

Pam: Well, we have golf here, there’s a course just round the corner.

Roland (Interrupting): For the last time Pamela - that’s a driving range.

Pam: Same thing.

Roland: Ok, so, let’s just say, hypothetically speaking, if we did sell our house and move to the Algarve - how would that work exactly?

Pam: There’s no point discussing it Roland, because it’s not going to happen.

Roland: I just want us to make an informed decision.

Pam: You’re wasting Tonya’s time.

Roland: I’m not wasting Tonya’s time.

Roland (Cont'd): Tonya, am I wasting your time?

Tonya: Not at all, I’m happy to outline your options.

Pam: Great, now, don’t you think the sensible thing to do would be to stay put and simply take more holidays? That way we can still enjoy ourselves, but we can also be good grandparents too.

Pam (Cont'd): Oh and also, maybe if we do that, then we could afford, hypothetically, to gift them a contribution, sooner rather than later, for them to start a nest egg?

Roland: Pam, what are you saying? Do you really want to stay here, raise their kids and then pay them for the privilege?

Pam: Hypothetically. Yes.

Roland: Are you hearing this Tonya?