Later that evening...

Later that night, Mary is alone …

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Mary Voiceover: I know I'm old… but these days… so many people live into their nineties… or older. Much older. A hundred's not uncommon. That could be 30 years before.

We're all going to die. But when? And what happens between now and then?

I could … I could … I don’t want even to think about it. I could lose my … ability to think about things. What if I don't understand things anymore? What if I don't know who – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. Wandering off, getting lost. Things happen.

If the house burnt down. Someone stealing.

Who would… ? Catriona… ? She has her own life in London, busy with so many things. I hardly see her now. What if. People drift apart.

If I needed a nurse. Someone living here. Or if I needed sheltered. If I lost the use of … my hands, ability to walk. Dependent on strangers. Having to pay people. What would all that cost?