The story so far...

When Pierre and Alex come to Tina for advice about retirement, it’s soon clear that not everything is settled between them.


Tina: Why don’t you just paint me a rough picture of your financial situation as you see it right now.

Pierre: Yes, of course, so, we’re both still working. I’m a GP in an NHS and Alex is in publishing.

Alex: It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. It’s a scientific publisher.

Pierre: You’re being too modest.

Alex: You’re being too American.

Pierre: It’s a big company and Alex has a very senior position.

Alex: It’s a bit soulless.

Pierre: But it pays very well.

Alex: So it does.

Tina: Well, that is one major benefit. You have family? Dependents?

Pierre: Our daughters, Daisy, she’s fourteen, and Emma’s …

Alex: Sixteen.

Pierre: So we’ve still got University, weddings, grandchildren... all of those kinds of things. It’s going to be a great time in our lives.

Tina: Lots to look forward to.

Alex: Lots to pay for. And of course we can’t forget my parents.

Pierre: They’re not dependents.

Alex: No, but we need to factor them into any financial plans. Their pensions barely cover them now, let alone, God forbid, if anything happens.

Pierre: They’re still active. Look at your Mum … in the running club, they go on walking holidays. They’re in great shape.

Tina: They sound more active than I am!

Alex: Maybe.

Tina: How do you see your retirement?

Pierre: We just want to retire early enough, and with sufficient income, that we can actually enjoy ourselves.