Quarterly fixed income perspectives

14 December 2020 | Webinars


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What can investors expect from their fixed income exposures as the global economy begins its recovery in 2021? Will spreads tighten further? Which markets offer the greatest alpha opportunities? How will QE affect credit markets? Register and join us on 14 January to find out more.

Get the answers to this and more.


  • Kunal Mehta, Senior Fixed Income Product Specialist, Vanguard Europe
  • Nick Eisinger, Principal, Strategist and Co-head Active Emerging Market Debt team, Vanguard Europe


  • Alex Cole, Business Development Manager, Vanguard Europe

Watch live at 10:00am on Thursday January 14 to take part in the discussion or catch up on demand if you missed it.


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Investment risk information

The value of investments, and the income from them, may fall or rise and investors may get back less than they invested.

Funds investing in fixed interest securities carry the risk of default on repayment and erosion of the capital value of your investment and the level of income may fluctuate. Movements in interest rates are likely to affect the capital value of fixed interest securities. Corporate bonds may provide higher yields but as such may carry greater credit risk increasing the risk of default on repayment and erosion of the capital value of your investment. The level of income may fluctuate and movements in interest rates are likely to affect the capital value of bonds.

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