Success in financial advice requires a strong investment proposition and excellent client relationships. Our portfolio services team are here to help you build low-cost, effective and goal-oriented portfolios that maximize value to your investors, and give you back critical time to focus on your clients.

How we can help you

How to help yourself

“It’s little wonder financial advisers are in such demand, given the value good advice can add to client outcomes. We’re here to support that value with simple but effective portfolio solutions”.

Marco Corsi PhD, Head of Vanguard Portfolio Services Europe

Marco Corsi

Our approach

We believe in a top-down approach to portfolio construction that is driven by four essential investment principles: clear goals, a balanced portfolio, low costs and long-term discipline. Read more

Asset allocation

We align portfolios with client goals through appropriate asset allocation.

Sub-asset allocation

Our research team use sophisticated models to build in diversity and avoid concentrations.

Investment selection

We find the right low-cost building blocks to deliver the target exposure.

Why Vanguard?

*Source Vanguard. Data as of October 2020

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