Vanguard Investment Symposium - June 2014

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Neil Cowell

Neil Cowell, Head of Retail Sales, Vanguard Asset Management


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Dr. Peter Westaway, Chief Economist Europe, Vanguard Asset Management

What's noise and what's news in portfolio allocation decisions?

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Hortense Bioy

Hortense Bioy, CFA, Director of Passive Fund Research, Europe, Morningstar

Are passive funds 'under-rated'? How are rating agencies starting to look at index funds?

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Jeff Molitor

Jeffrey S. Molitor, Chief Investment Officer Europe, Vanguard Asset Management

Smart Beta. Is it Smart? Is it beta?

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Panel Discussion - 'Are ETFs at a tipping point in the UK?'

James King – Head of Private Client and Partner, Price Bailey
Mike Morrow - Sales & Marketing Director, Ascentric
Mike Mount – Director, International, JM Finn
Moderator: Neil Cowell, Head of Retail Sales, Vanguard Asset Management

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