In accordance with UK legislation, Vanguard has calculated the below gender pay gap data to show the difference in average pay and bonuses between all men and women in our UK workforce.

Our data

At Vanguard in the UK we have equal pay between men and women when comparing like roles (jobs of the same grade level with similar impact, scope, complexity and knowledge). We do, however have a pay gap that is driven by having more men in senior management and senior specialist positions.

Vanguard’s UK data (as of 5 April 2017):

  • Our mean gender pay gap is 30.1%.
  • Our median gender pay gap is 23.9%.
  • Our mean bonus gender pay gap is 56.3%.
  • Our median bonus gender pay gap is 53.4%.
  • The proportion of employees receiving a bonus is 91.2% for males and 89.8% for females.

The quartile breakdown for pay is as follows:

Lower 37.0% 63.0%
Lower middle 61.1% 38.9%
Upper middle 58.3% 41.7%
Top 76.4% 23.6%

Our plans to accelerate diversity and inclusion

At Vanguard, we’re committed to building diversity in the workplace and fostering an inclusive environment. We understand that the two components work together to enable our success, differentiate us from our competitors and help us attract diverse talent and prospective clients that reflect the markets in which we serve.

Increasing female and minority representation within leadership and more senior roles continues to be a key priority at Vanguard. We’re pleased with the many programmes and initiatives we have in place today to advance diversity and inclusion, such as robust recruiting strategies to attract diverse talent for all roles, formal and informal learning opportunities and crew resource groups including the Women’s Initiative for Leadership Success. However, we recognise that there’s still more work to do both internally and externally to ensure all crew and the future talent of tomorrow have the resources to succeed and advance at Vanguard.

Vanguard plans to build on the momentum of our accomplishments by hiring a chief diversity officer in 2018 who will focus solely on developing strategies to strengthen diversity and inclusion and measuring our success. This role, in partnership with the Diversity Leadership Team, a dedicated team of senior leaders responsible for driving strategy throughout the enterprise, will work together to drive our vision and increase diverse representation into our more senior positions.

I confirm that this data is accurate.

Sean Hagerty

Sean HagertySean Hagerty
Head of Europe